In my 12-plus years in the fashion retail industry I've worked with big retail stores, corporate chains, small boutiques and independent entrepreneurs on everything from styling and merchandising to marketing, social media audience development and web design. 

Seeing the inner workings of such a wide range of businesses has allowed me to develop a broad skill set. In 2014, I decided to take those skills and offer them to small businesses as a single service. Small business owners often can't hire a team of people or an agency to work with them to develop their image, and that's where I come in. I love working with entrepreneurs to refine their aesthetic and bring it to life in all representations of their brand --whether it be their store displays or website or Instagram feed. 

I am passionate about design and obsessed with home decor. I'm constantly working to sharpen my photography skills and I never turn down a good glass of zinfandel. My son is a constant source of inspiration, joy and wonderment -- except when he skips his nap. I call California home, but New York will always have my heart.